The fishery is a typical drupe

In botany , a drupe is a fruit fleshy core , such as cherry , the apricot , the walnuts or olive . He comes from a pistil to carpel single type of “inferior” non-adherent. In the case of several free carpels in flowers, we obtain a fruit compound or polydrupe as the blackberry the blackberry . It is generally indehiscent (although dehiscence is not necessary in the case of fleshy fruit whose flesh decomposes rapidly, releasing the kernel).
The drupes provide many edible fruits.

The walnut is a drupe which the pericarp is not edible

The drupe is characterized by a pericarp composed of a thick (the sarcocarp) and part sclerotized so hard (the sclérocarpe).
The first is the meat, edible part of fruits, but not always: in the case of Juglandaceae (like nuts), the pericarp called “husk” is undrinkable. Similarly, the envelope of green almond is not edible.
The second, derived from the endocarp (inner epidermis of carpel ) becomes “bone”, or fibrous cartilage, forms the wall of the core containing the seeds . In some cases, the edible part is the seed ( walnuts , almonds )

When the endocarp is fleshy , one obtains a bay (the date is a bay despite its resemblance to the olive).
According to the original structure of the ovary can be distinguished-seeded drupes (most general) and drupes polyspermous (The “cherry” of the coffee tree is a drupe containing two nuclei).

Some fruits, consisting of numerous small drupes, or “drupelets” agglomerated are polydrupes. This is the case of raspberries and blackberries . In the case of fruit of the genus Rubus (raspberries, blackberries, blackberry ), the fruit comes from a single flower whose pistil is made up of many free carpels. The ripe blackberry , very similar to blackberries are, cons, derived from inflorescences compact in catkins, each being drupelets after a different flower.

the cherry , the plum , the apricot , the fishery ;
the nut , the almond , the pecans ;
the olive ;
the “cherry” of coffee ;
the mango ;
the coconut (fruit of the coconut tree );
the fruit of Empetrum .

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